I was going to write a friend a letter. It would have started like this: Dear F., You won’t read this, but I remembered the other day talking about the case of bullroarers in the Pitt Rivers: the oddness of a musical instrument you can only play set away from the body, can hardly…
The below is adapted from a review of Agnés Gayraud’s Dialectic Of Pop, originally written for Review 31. Dialectic Of Pop is available from its…
Donda as late style
Wong Kar-Wai’s Fallen Angels (1995) ends with a meet-cute, a motorcycle ride and a pop song. The Flying Pickets’ a capella cover of Yazoo’s ‘Only You…
What was the mask?
Éric Rohmer's wish-images
Always leaving the 20th century
Class (again)
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Utopia Deferred